It stands for "my domain is shorter than your domain"

19 August, 2009
by mpj
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Beverage adventures in Japan

Miksi Otto tykkää japanilaisista koulutytöistä? Koska Otto on lonkero! English speakers: nevermind. Anyway, I, too, saw this yesterday. Didn’t have my camera along though.

21 November, 2007
by mpj

Most viewed pages on Conservapedia

Kieran Healy of Crooked Timber has unearthed some interesting statistics on Conservapedia, that beacon of piety in the secular world. As of right now, Conservapedia’s most viewed pages are as follows: Main Page‎ [1,907,392] Homosexuality‎ [1,575,873] Homosexuality and Hepatitis‎ [517,112] … Continue reading